ARETHA Project is carried out by a group of retired technicians who shares the passion for DIY and the will of improving people’s life.

Franco Mantega, 77, is the team leader of ARETHA and an expert in the field of nuclear energy. In his brilliant career he also registered several patents, but his dream is teaching to make things “out of an iron wire”. Franco also has several hobbies. Among them, he loves theater, as he had the chance to work as author and director, and riding his bike or MBK on steep tracks. His dream is to see ARETHA spreading all over India, Africa, Bolivia and many other developing countries.

Paolo Bonelli, 62, built the electronic system that measures and controls ARETHA. He worked in meteorology and its application to renewable energy. He loves electronics and making new devices based on Arduino board. Paolo’s dream is to develop low cost instruments for people who want to monitor the environment themselves.

Piero Borroni, 73, worked in the field of nuclear energy focusing on the corrosion issue within power plants. He participated to the de-commissioning of the Garigliano nuclear power plant. During his career, he registered a patent. He loves nature and travelling. After India and Mexico, he would like to visit the Galapagos islands.

Gianni Pampurini, 66, founded GREEM, one of the associations which support the ARETHA project. He worked in the research field for many years focusing on many topics such as water, energy, and high temperature corrosion. Nowadays, environmental and energetic sustainability are Gianni’s main interests. Photography, biking, and jogging are his passions.

Bruno Riva, 73, worked for 46 years as laboratory technician in a nuclear energy research center. He is interested in all the most advanced technologies. In particular, he focused on sensors applied to measure physical parameters. Since he was young, he has a passion for photography, and particularly natural subjects. He put his valuable experience at the service of the ARETHA project.